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EarthFund platform update 07/05

Learn more about everything we’ve done in the last seven days, including UX improvements, more progress on our product rollout, and early-stage work on new features and functionality.

👋 We’re EarthFund, the decentralized platform using blockchain, DAOs and crypto to give you more of a voice in the shape of tomorrow.

This is post #1 in our new weekly update on everything that happens behind the scenes at EarthFund’s (distributed) HQ.

Product design and development

Last week was about listening to community feedback and working on some tweaks to the onboarding process and profile setup, including:

Improved, cleaner profile modals

A small but powerful tweak that makes it easy to see whether you’re verified, start the verification process and how to edit your profile.

Web3.0 functionality meets Web2.0 usability

A smoother onboarding journey

One of the clearest pieces of feedback we got from the platform launch was that the onboarding process could be a lot clearer and more intuitive.

Taking lessons from Typeform’s in-depth research into simplicity, our internal product team redesigned a new way to sign up, verify your email and set up your profile.

Now, you’ll be walked through getting set up step by step, asked to enter an email verification code (rather than clicking a link in the email) and then given the option to fill out your EarthFund profile when you’re done.

Super-simple signup 🚀

A more intuitive way to edit your profile

At launch, we had a few fiddly toggles to swap between username or real name and no way of seeing if you’d verified your email and identity.

Now, with a simpler “Edit profile” section, it’s easier to choose what name you’re displaying and simpler to see whether you’ve verified your identity and email address.

(You can also change your email address if you need to, too.)

We’ve made it simpler to edit and customize your EarthFund profile 🙌

Better UX for KYC

Our integration with Sumsub makes KYC super simple, but our previous flow dropped you straight into the process. By adding some contextual copy before and after the process, we’ve built a smoother user experience and made it easier to know what you’re doing and what’s expected of you.

Looking forward: we’re going to work with Sumsub to white-label the KYC process so it’s branded and feels like a coherent part of the process, rather than a service provided by a third party. This will help optimize the process for new users and users new to crypto.

Web3.0 & blockchain development

This week, we’ve finalized the majority of everything that’s going to be required for the Phase 3 and Phase 4 releases.

Phase 3: gasless voting, a dedicated Snapshot for the Mental Health and Wellbeing cause and a NeverAlone ENS domain.

Phase 4: donations in 30+ ERC-20 tokens and USDT rewards for everybody who swapped 1Earth for NeverAlone during the community drop (or bought NeverAlone on Uniswap and staked into the rewards pool).

The contracts are going to be audited by armors.io (the world’s leading blockchain security laboratory) this week, and once they’re approved we’ll be all set to roll out Phase 3 next Wednesday. (07/13)

Dialing up our collaboration with the Chopra Foundation

Last week our co-founders and our strategy and marketing leads met with Gabriella Wright, Poonacha Machaiah, and the Chopra Foundation PR and Marketing team to discuss marketing efforts and raising awareness of their cause and our platform.

Details are still being ironed out, but some of the topics of discussion were:

  • Co-hosted event EarthFund x Chopra Foundation at ETHCC in Paris
  • Weekly Twitter spaces with leaders in the Web3.0 and philanthropy spaces
  • A promo video from Deepak Chopra (currently being edited)
  • A press release celebrating raising $110K in 24 hours in a bear market (picked up by Yahoo!)

Gearing up for Phase 3 and 4

This week, our development team is checking, auditing, and debugging everything to prepare for Phase 3 launch next Wednesday.

Continuing to improve the UX

Our product team is working on improvements to the UX this week, including a simpler token swapping experience that’s clear to all users. (Not just the crypto-savvy.)

Exploring opportunities for outside investment

This week, our strategy and biz dev teams started working on a pitch deck and a strategy for seeking outside investment (with favorable terms) that would allow us to double down on our efforts to grow and build the platform into the undisputed best platform for launching a DAO.

Next steps:

  • Building a pitch deck that really sells EarthFund as a hot investment
  • Consulting with our legal team on the details of the fundraising
  • Choosing a path to investment (crowdfunding, traditional investment, etc…)

Changing our community and communications strategy

This week, our marketing team is working on changes to our marketing and communications strategy to expand our reach into more online spaces where potential users (both cause founders and DAO members alike) hang out.

That means you might see some changes to Discord, the size of our Telegram community, and some slight tweaks in the way we frame things.

Crypto and Web3.0 projects aren’t about the founders or the internal team. They’re about the community.

And as our platform-building sprint comes to an end (and our team can get to bed at reasonable hours for a while), we want to strengthen our ties with you, our community.

That means more direct contact with Adam, the co-founder of EarthFund, in the Telegram channel. More transparency on our behind-the-scenes (like this article). And generally more granular details on the platform, strategy, and internal thinking going forward.

How can you help? By helping us spread the word to people who might be interested in joining our community and becoming an Earthling.

  • Get 1 friend to join our Telegram community
  • Tweet about EarthFund or interact with us on social media (got to feed those social media algorithms!)
  • Ask us questions — we’re always available to answer questions in Telegram. (And if our community team doesn’t have the answers, we’ll get them for you.)

Until next week, thanks for being part of this journey with us!

Let’s build a better tomorrow, together.

New to EarthFund? Here’s everything you need to know 👇

Start a world-changing DAO with its own token.
Join a community of like-minded people.
Donate crypto to change the world.

All from one place.

EarthFund takes power from centralized organizations like governments and global charities and gives it to communities dedicated to causes.

It allows everyday people like you to affect change. And using crypto and the blockchain, it lets you have a voice in decisions and fund the causes you believe in.

Powering it all is the 1Earth token, an ERC-20 token that can be staked in exchange for governance tokens that give you a voice on the platform.

By buying the token and joining the EarthFund DAO, anybody in the world will have a vote on how the EarthFund treasury is used to fund planet-saving projects around the world.


We’re building a better world, together. Come join us.

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